Coastal Inspired Lighting - What lighting works best if you live by the sea?

Its that time of year again when spring is here and we have the nesting instinct, lets clear out and refresh for Easter bring in new clean lines and look forward to summer, well we think the coastal ranges are a perfect answer to the fresh inspiration that we crave at this time of year.

Big or small the Orb light from David Hunt Lighting that’s hand made in the Cotswolds and finished in many beautiful paint colours you can create a bespoke item perfect for your space.

The Yacht lamp is a wonderful celebration of our nautical heritage and that too can be made in your chose colours and even named to match a boat that you already own, the hull can be coloured to  co-ordinate with your own boat, it would make the perfect gift for a yachty friend!

Carry on the sea inspiration and the coastal themes and look at the fossil and sea horse lamps, if you have a second home near the coast this would be a perfect piece to enhance the coastal character with the soft tones of the base in whitewashed coral colours you can get a real sense of peace and tranquillity from placing these objects in your rooms, bedside tables, a hallway feature or just some background light in the living space. Additional shades can be bought to your bespoke colouring in modern tones and linen textures.

For some extra added coastal appeal look at the Station pendant it can be done in a number of paint finishes that you will not find anywhere else, the look is fresh and nautical with a minimal feel and simplicity that comes with coastal living.

Then the final flourishes touches can be added on a whim whilst you live in the dream coastal setting with things like a rope door stop and a mariner sea chest to store all those precious treasures, looking at wall colours and tiling will also help to pull the whole look together and create a very clean and simple look. Gathering sea shells and taking inspiration from natural will always enable the right colour choices and blending the colours that you find in nature together will always work together in the home. Adding in texture with rustic rugs and shabby chic painted chairs with whitewashed rustic finishing, placing linens and wool together with cottons and textured weaves will add interest to the room. Keep hold of your most precious glassware and beautiful objects then build around them to start a collection that can be added to year after year.