There are hundreds and hundreds of bulbs on the market, at The Light Company we have tried to sift through the minefield of bulbs and give you those that can offer the results you need.

We have many other specialist bulbs available. If you need something not listed please email details and we'll get a quote back to you.

Bulbs are sold in packs to give you added value, all of our lights show the bulbs that you need to have with the fitting so that you can order them and spares to complete your project.

In today's world the bulb wattage is almost irrelevant, what will determine the light output, or the brightness of the light is by looking at the lumen output - the higher the number lumens the brighter the bulb. LED bulbs in particular can have a big variation of lumen output, the older bulbs may have a higher wattage but have a lower lumen output which as technology has progressed has meant the styles have changed and so has the brightness of the bulbs. Also check if you need them to be dimmable.

We have listed the bulbs in the main household categories, halogen, LED, incandescent and flourescent, many of these power types will have many shapes available in the range for you to choose from including golf ball bulbs, vintage bulbs & candle bulbs.

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