Kitchen Interiors

The hub of many family homes, we live our lives in the kitchen these days and we therefore need a multi layer approach to the lighting and the accessories as the use can be very diverse from a dinner party to the kids homework, you will need various levels of light to achieve an all round performance.

Kitchen island lights are really popular single pendants or multiples have a look at the designs we can offer. There are plenty of complimentary lights that can then be used elsewhere in the room. Look at the great floor lamps that are brilliant to add in a bit of extra light in the background.

Recessed spotlights are always featured in a kitchen snaking their way around your worksurface, make sure they are directional to give the greatest flexibility! Undercabinet lighting is a great plus for many cooks as no one likes to work in a shadow, they are also a great way to create a more intimate cosy feel to a room by switching off the main lights and leaving those on.

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