Table and Floor Lamps

Table lamps sometimes known as portable lighting is always a great option in a room and sometimes very necessary, as you cannot rely on just one light source these days to cover all aspects of everyday living. A ceiling light will be of no help to a person sewing or reading a book. We need these extra sources of light to help us function with different tasks, hence the word task lighting. We can offer so many options including adjustable tables lamps or ceramic table lamps, lamps with shades, lamps as a background light like a vase lamp to fill a dark corner, which by the way makes a room feel bigger when you light the corners of a small room.

At The Light Company many table lamps come complete with shades and we have several that can be bought as a base only option, giving you the flexibility to choose a shade with the right dimensions and colour that you need.

Floor lamps or standard lamps can be very versatile and act as an uplighter if you need that extra push of light or to give height to a room, many of our floor lamps come with dimmers fitted to add that extra benefit of adjusting the light to fit your own requirements. So many people buy them to dim in the living room whilst watching tv.

Many of the table lamps and floor lamps that we offer can be stand alone statement pieces they just add to the design aspect of your scheme, look at many interior design brochures and you will find a beautiful floor lamp with either lots of detail on the base or a minimal striking look to define an area. Table lamps used as a pair can be very effective on a side table with a decorative mirror in the centre to balance the look.

We have a number of matching table and floor lamps, plus a few that come as a set with a ceiling light to give you the coordinated look.

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