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An important light for every home, the lounge light can give a great impression or maybe not! Lets get it right, you need something not too big and not too small, plenty of light for when your guests have just dropped their contact lens on the floor!

Get those sofas off the wall and bring them into the room where you can, have the central light hang over the gorgeous coffee table, then pop a few odd lamps about the place. Opt for some wall lights that also give a bit of beauty to the place. A floor lamp always goes down well and when your watching TV it’s a great one to have on in the background or if gran comes around and does her knitting!

Match it all together if you fancy get the groomed look of the WAGs and create a perfectly seemless environment add in texture with a rug and cushions that will create depth and interest, a mixture of chairs and sofas is always a good idea. Don’t forget to do the accent wall with one of Voyage decorations fantastic designs of Wallart.

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