Bedroom Interiors

Yep we have chandeliers galore! Never day goes by without someone buying a chandelier for their bedroom, big, small, crystal, chrome we have tons to choose from.

What if the bedroom is a kids room or for a teenager? Our biggest tip, let them help you choose, set our controls to the price range you are happy with and away you go! Whos knows what they will choose we’ve had white antler mirrors, green plastic balloons, and don’t forget the iconic pink chandelier!

Some bedrooms are converted to a study too, so we have included a few surface mouted spotlights to push light where you need it, but you many better looking at our study lights for this type of room.

The Master bedroom - if I can create you a perfect palace will be a dressing area with a few lamps around the place, A central ceiling light with a bit of a large scale feel to give a bit of a wow. A couple of recessed spotlights to highlight the amazing curtains and bed throw. Then put everything on an electronic dimmer with a remote control incase you forget to turn the lights off when you jump into bed!  

Don’t forget the ceiling fan option, this is a growing trend with many of our customers, you may think it’s a bit cold in the winter but some will never sleep without them again, the air circulating casually lets them drift off to sleep!

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