Outdoor Lights

Gazebo lighting, party lighting we can help you get the look for you summer garden party, we have some amazing outdoor lights available to order. The Light Company has a specialist area of coastal lighting as we are so near to the sea ourselves, we can supply you with marine grade steel fittings, and outdoor lighting that has a unique coastal guarantee for those concerned with the damage of corrosion to their outdoor lights.

We offer outdoor lighting for all areas, pedestal and post lights to create boundaries, path lighting to safely guide your way. Fabulous porch lighting to create the curb side appeal that many find essential when selling their property.

There can be so many features in a garden that it can be hard to know where to start, but think of a few main features that you want to light up, and consider all areas for safety and security, sometimes you may be able to combine them to create a feature and be a useful light source at the same time.

Spike lights are a great way to uplighter planting and walls, colour changing led lights can look amazing on a white wall. Garden wall lights can be a feature of just something to blend in and be very subtle, up and down lights are always popular, don't forget to contact us if you get stuck or need help choosing your outdoor lighting.

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