Five Steps to Lighting Heaven

The lights you choose to ‘light up’ your home are just as important as décor and furnishings when it comes to creating a comfortable space to live in as well as welcoming atmosphere for your visitors.   In fact, the lights you choose for each room can have a dramatic impact on the mood, ambience and overall look of your home.

To help you to make the right choices when it comes to the lighting products you should invest in your home, the Light Company’s expert, Judy Davison, would like to share her very own ten steps to lighting heaven !

Step 1 – Layer Lighting

You can create an attractive and impactful atmosphere in any room by creating layers of lights which involves a mix of ceiling, wall, table and floor standing lights.  By layering your lights at different heights, you are able to light all areas of room, with the option to create a bright or dimmer atmosphere depending on your mood or what you  are planning to use the room for.   A great tip for layer lighting is to complement a chandelier or pendant light with table lamps and floor lights around different pieces of furniture to create space and character.

Step 2- Dim those Lights

By using lights with dimmer switches, you can instantly change the look and feel of your room, literally at the turn of a switch.  In addition to enabling you to change the brightness of a room very easily, dimmers can also help to conserve energy.   If you’re working from your home you can switch the lights up during the day, and then simply dim them down when you’re ready to chill and relax.

Step 3 – Don’t Skimp on Lampshades

You may have some great lamp stands but don’t spoil the effect with the wrong lampshade.  In fact, by adding a stylish and chic shade can add both colour and sophistication to any room.   Good quality lampshades, like those from our range of Laura Ashley shades, can be used to create a feature piece of a table or floor light or to complement your home décor. What’s more, a light lampshade can also help to make a darker room much lighter, whilst darker shades can create a more ambient mood in any room.

Step 4 – It’s All in the Direction

Did you know that you can make a small room look much larger by using a variety of lights positioned to face different directions.  For example, in a room with a low ceiling, use an uplighter to make the ceiling seem higher; and you can use table or floor lights in each corner of a room to make it seem wider.

Step 5 – Reflection is Key

In a room which doesn’t have very much natural light, it’s a good idea to hang a few mirrors on the walls.  By hanging mirrors, like any of these Laura Ashley designs, opposite windows you will create more reflected light during the day.  Add a lamp on a sideboard or table underneath the mirror during the darker evenings to further reflect the mirrored light.

The Light Company

We hope these five steps to lighting heaven have given you some food for thought when it comes to making the most of lighting up your home.

For more hints and tips for home and outdoor lighting click here or pop into our showroom at Craddock Street, Swansea to get a birds eye view of our great range of lighting products.