Floor Lamps why do I need one and where to use them...

Floor lamps are some of the most popular lamps being searched for at the moment, the lamp market makes up 40% of all lighting sold, so yes its great to have one and this is why....

A floor lamp can come in a few different styles, ambient, feature and task lighting depending on what you need the lamp to do will depend on what you end up buying with the styling being very different for each.

Lets get the easy one out of the way first, a floor lamp that is also a task light, so if your into your hobbies, needlecraft, crosswords, reading, studying or general computer work a floor lamp at the side of you can help greatly to give an extra amount of light just where you need it, the light needs to be adjustable, it can be LED or Halogen I have had opthamologists recommend halogen lighting if people have poor vision and LED lights on occasion, the light itself my go up and down a central column it may just swivel on a knuckle joint to be angled where you need it or it may come with a swan neck that can be twisted in all directions. What they all have in common is flexiblity to get the light were you need it. LEDs are particularly good at this with a very direct stream of light to point an amount of light from further away they can be just light a torch effect. 


The Wellington Floor lamp above is a great task lamp with an adjustable swan neck and a low energy light giving a direct focused light, perfect for a task.

So the next floor lamp will be the Feature Floor Lamp, this can be just what you think something that makes a statement or gives a bit of prettiness to a room its not just a cream shade! Try looking for ones that have crystal arms like a floral or twig effect, they have a number of arms with differing glass orbs, they make even be an oversized floor lamp with a massive shade on it, the rod of the lamp can also be the feature, whatever it is it will do two jobs generally be an ambient back ground light and be a bit interesting to look at, they will always add something to a room...


The final grouping for a floor lamp will be the biggest and thats the ambient light Floor Lamp this lamp is what we really know and love floor lamps for, they cast that lovely background ambient light in a room, by being that little bit higher than a table lamp you get a wider spread of light within the room, and the light will go up to the ceiuling then reflected back into the room (presuming you have a white ceiling) the soft glow of light is gentle and perfect to create a pleasant atmosphere whilst entertaining, watching TV, having a chat or just relaxing in a room if you pop a couple of them in the corners of a room the space will appear larger and expand the feeling of space, you dont get glare with a ambient floor lamp and thats usually due to the shade blocking the light source, this is an important part of ambient lighting, no glare !! 

Here are a couple we have to show the type of styles available and if you need to purchase or have a browse please take a look at the products we have on offer but good luck with your search there are literally thousands of floor lamps to choose from !! 




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