Fun Lamps & Lighting for February - A guide to fun home lighting!

With some dark days still to go before springtime let’s look at a few things we have found recently that will put a smile on your face, they have certainly helped us do that when we unpacked them and put them out on display!

How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggily tail which actually turns the light off and on! These little balloon dogs are fantastic! Part of a new range of designer Danish lighting there are six gorgeous colours and look just like a childs balloon dog, made of a resin with a high gloss finish they are wonderfully made cannot decide which one I like the most….

Now lets say hello to Mr Watson, get it? Watt son?? Again we love the finish of this lamp its an LED adjustable desk lamp which will just sit there enjoying the day whilst you get on with your work! Mr Watson comes in six colours that are playful and inspiring, we let him sit with his legs dangling over the table how will yours sit? It reminds me of an anglepoise lamp but with a fun twist, priced at £139 it’s a great designer addition to any home or office, the legs move to allow it to be placed in a perfect position for where you need to light to fall and the butterfly screws can be tightened to get a perfect balance for positioning the lamp.

Sticking with the office theme we have another little light that’s a plug in LED lamp ideal for the desk as you can store all of your pens and pencils in it, whilst making it a very useful thing by lighting up your desk at the same time, can’t be bad can it ?? We’ve brought the chrome one into stick but there are other colours available and think it will be a great gift to so many men , women, teenagers even!

So what else do we ave in Swansea besides the sea?? Seaweed of course but just not quite like this one! Ha Ha meet the new addition to our window….

 The Seaweed Ceiling light, oh my word its amazing we love this Danish delicious design its LED its huge and it also gives off an amazing 9900 lumens !!!! You cant find a brighter light than this at the moment and it only takes 111watts of power consumption. With a colour temperature of 2800 kelvin it’s a warm white and the design itself is perfect in the detail with the diffuser over each spiral of seaweed it reduces the glare but creates a stunning effect, as for price its over a thousand but only just, if you aks nicely we may just reduce it for you, but for the size and quality of light its worth every penny!

So have fun choosing some lights get creative and make sure you stick to that famous saying have nothing in your home that is not considered beautiful or useful which these lights are undoubtably both!