Lighting Up Your Bathroom

We all like a bit of pampering and what better place to relax and rejuvenate than in your bathroom? Your bathroom is a private place that should provide a calm and quiet retreat from our hectic lifestyles. The right lighting can go a long way toward providing the right atmosphere for total relaxation.

Judy Davison, our expert from the Light Company in Swansea, has come up with these guidelines for lighting up your bathroom:

Lighting Controls

Most of us see the bathroom as a haven so we don’t want the lights to go on at full volume as soon as you enter.  That’s why it’s such a good idea to include dimmers or other lighting controls that allow you to pre-set the lighting levels according to your mood or needs.  For example, the lights will need to be dimmed if your relaxing in a bath surrounded by candles, but will need to be brighter if that’s where you put on your make up!

Light and Ventilation

Many lights can be linked to your bathroom ventilation system once they are turned on. We would encourage you not to go for cheap, noisy fans. High volume, low sound fans remove more air with less sound. They may be a little more expensive, but you’ll appreciate the quiet atmosphere after a hectic day.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms pack a lot of activity into a small space. Large mirrors work magic making a small space feel larger.

Many people simply stick to a bathroom cabinet with a couple of small mirrors positioned high up on the wall out of the reach of small children.  These are very practical but by adding an additional mirror on a bare wall will reflect light and even provide a lighting source.

Types of Lights for Bathrooms

Wall Sconces placed on each side of the mirror will provide the even, shadow-free illumination required for daily grooming tasks like make up or shaving. For best results, mount fixtures at least 28″ apart and 60″ off the floor.

You could even consider using small pendants on either side of the mirrors for an elegant look.

Vanity lights will ensure that everyone who uses the bathroom  has sufficient light. The best lighting solution is achieved with fixtures that include a shade for each bulb.

Choose recessed downlights designed for use in wet areas over a shower or bath tub, as the lighting should be bright enough for cleaning and reading bottle labels.

In the centre of the ceiling, a decorative light fixture that blends with the rest of your décor provides an elegant touch while providing adequate light for safety and moving about. It also balances the brightness of other bathroom lights.

Ceiling mount fixtures, small chandeliers and decorative vent fans with integrated a few of the options above for a well-outfitted bathroom – a place where you and your family will want to spend time.  See our full range of bathroom lights here.