Lighting Your Home in the Summer Months

Summer is well and truly here and during this season, the lighting in your home should be soothing but still brighten your indoor space.  So how can you achieve this effect?  Judy Davison our lighting expert from the Light Company has come up with these guidelines to keep your summer living areas as relaxing and restful as possible.

Says Judy, “for summer lighting, it’s all about toning down the ambiance to achieve a relaxed and comfortable mood. To achieve this, it’s best to stick to a minimalist approach to create a pleasing ambiance as overdoing lighting can result in an uncomfortable squinting.”

Ground Lights for Summer Evenings

A perfect way to make summer evenings pleasing is to add ground or post lights to highlight your outdoor landscaping. Low voltage ground or post lights, like this Vox Post Anthracite Solar Powered light from där lighting, can create a dreamy outdoor atmosphere that can be enjoyed with friends and family on summer evenings. These lights are also ideal for path lighting down a long driveway or illuminating a tall tree.

Switch to dimmers

Dimmers are great as they are connected to a light fixture and so can be used to adjust the brightness of the light. During summer, you can use dimmers to control the intensity of light and create a comfortable ambiance while saving electricity. Low brightness can help you create an intimate and cosy setting which is what makes dimmers ideal for mood lighting.

Lampshades with Lighter Tones

Lamps spread around your living and dining area will create a soft ambient summer lighting without the unwanted glare of overhead lights which are so important in autumn and winter.

For light fixtures such as table lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps, light fabric shades work best during summer and when you choose the fabric, think about how you want to use the light as well. Top tip: White lampshades will add coolness by diffusing the brightness of the light, like this Laura Ashley Pineapple Lamp Brushed Chrome with Ivory Shade.

Brighten those Dark Corners

Another way to create a cool and relaxing ambiance in summer is to light up the darker corners of a room. You can achieve this with wall lights or event free standing lamps, again with lighter shades. These will create a cool colour temperature  in the evenings as well as giving a slight warm glow for a comfortable setting.

The Light Company

We hope you found these tips from the Light Company helpful.  For more ideas for summer lighting and other lighting guidelines, visit our website here.  We stock a huge range of lights for all settings including outdoor lighting and lights for rooms with low ceilings.  We are also a stockist of all Laura Ashley products from lighting and fabrics to bedding and wallpaper.