Plain Glass Ceiling Pendant Lights

Classic and simple Plain glass ceiling lights, they are timeless and effortless they fit into any room and can be large or small but one thing is in common they are generally simple and stylish which is why we love them.

Heres our top glass pendants...            

From left we have the Laura Ashley Isaac, available in three metal finishes all popular in every colour it can be used in many areas of the home. Then we have the Ockley pendant by Laura Ashley its due into stock in Oct and available as a pre order I would say to get the order in now as in past experience this light has flown out the door!  Next up is the Zula bang on trend with a black detail lampholder the new neutral noir, this pendant is simple and stunning.

Glass Pendants with ribbed glass details...

From the left is the Tamara by dar lighting available in gorgeous gold, and nickel a perfect round ribbed glass, then you have the lovely curved lines of the Nahla with the polished chrome details giving it a modern twist, the final one is the Duxford by David Hunt Lighting which is a pure classic.

Our favourite glass pendants are...

Why do we love these?

From left to right we have, Nida is new and we love the elongated glass with the gold detail it will be amazing with a Navy backdrop on your kitchen units or walnut wood would look beautiful against it. Nida is made by dar lighting a great choice.

The Webster by David Hunt Lighting is a true diamond it comes in a clear or smoked glass depending on the scheme but its a gem because its great for those with a low ceiling really thats why its chosen over so many others, perfect design.

Last but not least is the Stowe from David Hunt Lighting this is available in a wide collection with three lights plus smokey glass and the gorgeous opal glass, we think its a retro gem that can be placed anywhere! Its now a bathroom ceiling light in the new 2021 collection. The opal glass gives a wonderful diffuse light that translates to a very warm inviting place to be. Its a gorgeous light we'd have the three bar version over our kitchen island.