Welcome to the new David Hunt Lighting Collection The Panther.....

David Hunt Lighting Made in the Cotswolds, have introduced the all new award winning Panther Lighting Collection

Well I don't think you'll find many Panthers in middle England but the designers at David Hunt have found one somewhere! 

We are absolutely loving this new collection from David Hunt Lighting, the Panther Collection new from 2021 and ready to be ordered on the website or telephone.

The panther collection includes two fittings at the moment and both are exceptional, the table lamp and wall light instantly reminds me of the era of Royal jewels when a certain Mrs Wallis Simpson loved a panther brooch and lets not start on the famous Cartier panther jewellery, the design is just gorgeous.

Finished in elegant Matt black the Panther Table lamp and Panther Wall light are so striking yet classic and chic. A perfect combination from David Hunt Lighting

Use them in any room team them with some of the Light Shade studio silk shades which are also made in Britain, there is an enormous choice of colours to create a glamorous look if you take the satin finish with its glossy sheen, or go for a linen as a sleek warm feel the linen is so smooth its a great neutral item in a vibrant room.

The photos are showing the Panther lamp with the limestone shade with a gold lining, 

We hope that you get a chance to see this fine lamp on display near a retailer being based in Swansea we can happily say we have one of the best David Hunt lighting Collections in South Wales making it a great venue to travel and see some fantastic lighting designs.