Why should I be careful choosing a light?

The real reason for this is that it is there for decades, quite honestly my mother had her hallway lights when I worked in BHS lighting department as a teenager I’m now 47!!! She’s only just changed them….

So many customers come in to me, who get quite a shock about today’s lighting, for a start they have gone up in price since 20 years ago, that seems to be the average time people keep their lights hanging, and then they are overwhelmed by the choice available, that’s if they haven’t been told by their helpful electrician that they must have double insulated lighting as they don’t want the extra expensive of new wiring with an earth! Now it seems the bulb choice is also way too complicated to know what on earth to buy.

So that’s where I come in, an independent lighting retailer, I am one of those rare people with a business on the high street that’s not a chain and I can quite literally ease peoples’ minds and help to guide them in the right direction.

Now back to twenty years of service for that little light fitting you want to change, if you had kept just 2p spare every day for the last 20 years then you would be able to buy a light for £146.00 like this Luther 6 light ….

In todays word it can seem like a lot of money but in real terms it’s not a lot to invest in a good quality light fitting, now if you’re lucky and you can save 4p everyday then you can have one of these Rafferty fittings at £292…..

So lets really push the boat out and save 10p per day for 20 years and this is what you can buy today with a budget of £730, something quite lovely and stunning the David Hunt Antler 6 light with shades …..

Now lets talk about the millionaires and go for broke and save 30p a day that gives you a whopping £2190 and you can take home this Italian beauty….


All I am trying to say is this, you need to invest a little bit of money now to give you something that will last you for twenty years, a classic designed light will not date or go out of fashion during this period, you can change you room design many times, people change their furniture within this time, but the light fitting gets forgotten so do pay a little attention when you purchase your light and it will repay you over the years, and in 2040 when you walk into the next john Lewis you can be like a number of other people and be aghast at the cost of light fittings, they go up in price every year, never down, so do yourself a favour now and be careful about which light you choose…..