Winter Warmer Wallpapers How a Small Budget can go a Long Way !

Designer wallpapers, we cant afford that I hear you shout! Well I'm about to put an end to that myth, for as little as £60 you could change the look of a room entirely and add impact to create a focal point and warmth and depth to a room.

Voyage Maison or Voyage Decoration however you would like to call them have the most fantastic range of wallpapers, and priced around £30 a metre they are hard to beat on quality, design and the impact they'll have on your room and your budget you will be pleased to know.

So my first point is the width of these wallpapers comes in at a massive 136 cm of usable if you have a chimney breast wall or a feature wall that you are looking to create a focal point that is within this width you are quids in, all you need to do is measure the height and order that many meters of paper and away you go, we can order per 10 cm increments so if your just over 2m height we can add on the extra and you've got a great new look to your room.

If your wall is wider than the 136 cm then you need to add on the patter repeat for each extra drop to calculate the number of meters that you'll need but its a very good price point for such a designer look. 

We have been inspired today to write about the Plaid collection as we have just received the new pattern book in store and we love it. The collection is full of colour and warmth, I try to touch the paper thinking that it will have the feel of fabric but its not a fabric its a paper and what a surprise the printing is exceptionally pleasing. Its a commercial quality paper that you just paste the wall and hang the paper so much easier to do.

So don't delay get a look at the wallpapers and start revamping your rooms. Feature walls may be a bad word in interiors as they have been so overdone yet these are truly lovely....