David Hunt Lighting, bespoke lights Made in the Cotswolds are they worth the wait?

David Hunt lighting is a great British company, family owned and run from their base in England the lights are designed by their free thinking team of designers who ultimately look at everyday objects and transform them into things of beauty. 

Having visited the factory in the Cotswolds I can honestly say the lights are made with thought and a love of the craft its amazing how efficient they are and how many fine lights they produce each year. 

Yes there is a man in a booth hand painting the Antlers one of the key David Hunt designs, sometimes the weather is a bit off and this affects the drying times so I will make a call to chase a lighting order and find that the answer is they just haven't dried enough for the order to be sent, so yes we need a little patience in our lives and to appreciate what a fine team of guys they have working at David Hunt Lighting and things are not always going to be same day delivery in the Amazonian jungle of internet shopping, but are they worth the wait?

As I follow in the words of every good celebrity judge yes 100% yes they are worth the wait, delivery lead times at David Hunt Lighting can vary they do their best to get things out as quickly as possible but we are talking about finely crafted lighting Hand made in the Cotswolds. These lights are designed in such a way they really do last through fashion trends and latest colourways of home interior design. 

David Hunt Lighting makes a beautiful special gift the lamps in particular are a to be cherished and can be give to people of all ages, children and grandmothers all love the Hopper light, Puddle lamp is also a great addition to any room. 

Take a look at the latest collection if you need any convincing the Panther collection is simply stunning it echoes the famed jewellery of Royalty and Cartier jewellery designs, it is classy and timeless, absolutely love it and so will the many followers of David Hunt Lighting let there be light !!