10 Ways to Light Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you in need of some tips to light your outdoor space? Whether it be a small patio or a large garden, read our 10 ways to light your outdoor spaces below:

  1. Less is more, you do not need extremely bright lights in a garden, in the dark subtle is best - think atmosphere, choose the features that you want to highlight and look at the best options to achieve it.
  2. Spike lights are a great option pop them around the garden to light up stone walls, interesting plants and feature areas, a plug and play system allows you to move things around at ease.
  3. Linear lighting like LED ribbon can be used under stairs and around fixed seating to give a gentle wash of light in an area.
  4. Its party time the new festoon lights are perfect to create a fairy like atmosphere after dark, use around a seating area or down pathways to navigate your guests to the right areas.
  5. Safety is really important afterdark so look for the hazards in your gardens and ensure there is light to mark out any potential pitfalls.
  6. A series of low level wall lights can mark steps and stairways in the dark they will wash light over the steps without glare.
  7. If you are lucky enough to have a gazebo, pavillion or other folly in your garden the ceiling lanterns are really pretty and make a lovely feature when centrally placed in the roof space. It creates a space that will create an intimate enclosed environment.
  8. Add some colour, if you have a few white walls there is nothing more modern and contemporary and just a bit fun to blast a splash of colour on them, were not talking a disco but a subtle colour, or colour change with fibre optics and LED can really make the outdoor area feel amazing.
  9. In ground uplighters, make a dramatic effect on the planting and structures in your garden, the light gives a really fabulous background light that will enhance the garden.
  10. I always remember gazing at an Aston Martin parked in the driveway of a reasonably priced house, but the way they had placed the lighting around the drive way washing light across the space just made the car standout and grab attention, I’m sure it raised the value of the house when they came to sell it a few years later! It looked really classy yet was not expensive to do.

We hope this gives you some ideas. We have a great collection of outdoor lights for you to browse - simply navigate above.