It's Raining It's Pouring My Lights are Dim and Boring!

Its wet outside my house is dar inside, guess what ! Nothing changes when I turn the lights on!

What a suprise, so many people have lights which are insufficient to do a good job of lighting a room. How many people either have or know someone with just one central light with one bulb, I call them the skimpers! Many people do not want t have extra bulbs as they use more power or they think a bigger light with more bulbs will look too big, but heres the issue on those darks and then the long winter nights what have you got? Gloom thats what, gloom, gloom and gloom.

The one single bulb just lights the very centre of your room, the corners of your room are dark, talk about the dark ages its like people of never heard of a lighting shop! Your room will feel small because of this issue, you get dreary moods and feel unhappy because of this environment which youve created, its easily sorted out, heres how....

1. How bright is the light you have? Once we have this starting point we can get started, lets increase the amount of light you get from your new light.

The central ceiling light can be as big as you like there are some lovely ones that spread out in a wide diameter but still keep close to the ceiling, see the Luther 10 light, it packs a punch with 10 x 40w G9 bulbs, this can be reduced with the LED variety or the 33w Halogen energy saver. We will see you in Brazil once this light goes on its great in a small room or larger ones, but dont use this if you have a high ceiling it will be completely in effective.

I love the Irwin chandelier from Dar you can 8 candle bulbs, put shades on them and it will go semi flush or on a chain, its a great price and wrks in any room.

If you have a high ceiling do remember to bring the light down to 6ft 10 above the floor, the optimum hieght for your light, if you have a high ceiling you will loose any benefit of a light if its too high on the 10ft above ground level.

Don't forget wall lights, too many p[eople these days are scraping them from their interiors but they serve a very good purpose of helping to light a room with out the space a lamp may take up. Wall lights help to give a lovely ambience in your room with background lighting, the upwards scope of the light will create height in a room, the reflected light from the ceiling will bgounce back down. There are some which can create particular shapes on the wall which will also add interest that can be a feature in itself, like the kub light from Led c4.

Lets not forget every lighting retailers friend, the lamp, thereis a whole world out there with soo many options to choose from table, floor, mini lamps whatever floats your boat its there, you can spend anything from £5 on a lamp and it will enhance the feel of a room instantly, with or without shades, sitting behind planting you can create so much with a simple lamp.....  

If you insist on having one single bulb get a bulb that is low energy and will wack out the light, there are some high power LED bulbs on the market and compact flourescents that can do this for you. Then team up with a couple of lamps in the corners of the room to enhance the light, it will make the space feel bigger and brighter plus cosy on a dark winter evening!

So lets not sit in a dark gloomy room anymore, go and inbvest in some new lighting and make you room a welcome space thats bright and roomy, and it wont cost you the earth either!