How to choose lights for a rental property?

We've helped a number of people source lights for their developments and most have the same thought in mind, COST....

No one wants to spend a lot of money on something they see as a potential waste of money, a breakage, a phone call from the renter as they can't change a bulb.

But nor would they want the rental property to be seen as un attractive, dark, small spaces, old fashioned, cheap, nor would they want a renter to call them because they have put light fittings in that cause a fire hazard.

So with all this in mind here are our top tips for a successful lighting plan.

1. Choose lights that can have bulbs changed easily or where the bulbs do not need to be changed very often like a LED.

2. Plenty of light is good it makes the place brighter and more cheerful to potential renters, dimmer switches to adjust the lighting levels are good too.

3. If your property is fully furnished then consider a couple of lamps and floor lamps that add warmth and extra light in places that can be shadowy, by lighting the corners of your rooms they will feel bigger and more spacious.

4. Choose modern simple lined fittings, nothing too exotic or fussy as they will date quickly and you will be wasting your money.

5. Set a budget and talk to your local lighting retailer like us we can always supply good quality lighting at a persons budget but you must be flexible on look and colour, as we go to the clearance offers at our suppliers and get the best deals around.

6. Make a feature where needed, so consider something bigger in a hallway or over a dining area to create that lifestyle appeal your renter will be looking for, don't forget they will be wanting to impress their new friends with their new pad too...

7. Low energy lighting thats creates a pleasant environment is always a winner.

8. Look at the materials being used are they metal? Harder to break.... 

So let me tell you about a client we recently had with a three bedroomed house, he needed 4 hallway lights, two bathroom lights, three for bedrooms, two in the kitchen and one outside light, his budget was max £600 we brought that in with bulbs at £550.00 including delivery. He had £1500 worth of lights..... 

We sent him a number of available lights from our clearance lines that were best suited to his requirements. They were modern, LED so ticked low energy box, we made sure they gave off plenty of light they were dimmable too. Attractive, so they were lights that you would have chosen for yourself not a basic option. 

Chat to us if you have a project in mind that you need to source a bunch of lights for we can usually get everything you need to complete the job.

Tel 01792 414662 and talk to our sales team....