Outdoor Lighting supply during COVID19

With so many of us spending a longer than usual time at home at the moment our eyes are wandering around us and looking for things to do, and for those with an outdoor space they are reviewing their outdoor areas daily, a place for calmness and tranquility or an extra room and place to chill. Thats where the outdoor lighting comes into play in a big way by lighting up areas of your garden and patios you can get more use from them in the evenings with a bit of extra light where its needed. 

Creating that outdoor space into a useful evening space may seem daunting but in actual fact its fairly easy to achieve, even without an electrician....

So first thing to look for are any hazards and danger spots in the garden, you dont want to trip or fall and end up in the emergency room do you, so we need to light these places first, safe wandering is a must. 

Next have a little think about what you'd like to be doing in your space, reading a book, drawing, crafting, sitting with a cuppa or a glass of wine? Where are you going to be doing that will you need to light it with a candle in a hurricane glass or something a bit more powerful to read with or just a dapple of light in the background to create atmosphere and relaxation.   

The photo above has a string of LED festoon lighting hanging in the Sunking tree that creates a canopy of light above the seating area its lovely for an evening with family to relax and chat about the day. This was not an expensive edition either at £54.00 for the set and no electricians required so long as you have a plug socket nearby.

If no power is the only thing available there are many Solar lighting options to purchase online we sell the Vox lantern pictured on the front of this blog, and its a great fitting with a sensor function if you just happen to walk past it will come on automatically for you. See our garden lighting range here:


Don't forget the use of battery powered led candles, the fake looking ones can give off a good amount of light too.

Do bear in mind that unless you want to floodlight your garden for security reasons, less is more when it comes to garden lighting, you don't need a mega 100w bulb to light up planting a subtle spike light with a 20w bulb will do a great job of lighting an architectural feature in the dark.

So yes we are all in lockdown, but we are still here nattering away and we can send your orders in a few days so please have confidence in the system and enjoy your outdoor spaces by making the most of them.