Lighting for Outdoor Living

Using the great outdoors today is now one of the essentials in life if we are lucky enough to have an outside area at our property. In warmer climates it is part of everyday life, here in the UK we bask in the sunshine whilst we can and enjoy a warm breeze when the winds are favourable. 

In the days during lockdown during COVID19 we have come to cherish our outside spaces and use them much more than we ever used too. The die hard campers don't care what the weather is like so long as they get a bit of fresh air, and this is starting to made us realise the value of creating an outdoor room.

People are buying all sorts of creature comforts and utilising things that have been left to rot, making outdoor benches, garden troughs, gorgeous seating areas from old planks, its incredible to see the change in peoples gardens with a bit of effort. 

Take the outdoor firepit, thats a great focal point, this has also turned us to look at a freestanding outdoor gas fires or even built in stoves with pizza ovens ! Gone are the days of just a bbq standing in the corner we now create a social area with a bar, kitchen units and wine coolers. Try a cinema night under the skies, yep in even in Britain we are adding this to our daily activities to entertain the kids and ourselves.

So with some thought into the lighting by adding in an arbour or using a covered porch area you have a place to fix a light fitting, it could be a contemporary outdoor chandelier or just a simple outdoor pendant light, either way it then takes the finished look to a whole new level or outdoor room, it really is a case of bringing the indoors out.

The chosen outdoor light fitting can add a very sophisticated look to your space and create a centre to the area immediately bringing a focal point and an intimate ambiance, especially in the evening when the soft glow of the light creates a wonderful warmth to the space, its immediately relaxing and sociable. 

Gaining and using an area can be such an asset to you, its a worthwhile space to have for entertaining and relaxation, we cannot ignore the health benefits of a bit of fresh air and the more ways we can enjoy our outdoor areas the better.

All the lighting shown here we are able to order for you and deliver it direct to your door even during lockdown we are operating a service to place orders and talk over the phone for any extra information that you may need.  With over 15 years in the lighting industry we have a wealth of knowledge to help you design and choose the right light for your space, please give us a call or email to request further details.

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