Lighting for Low Ceilings

So you have a low ceiling? How low is low? If for instance you live in a cottage with a 6ft ceiling height I will completely agree you have a low ceiling!

Most ceiling heights are about 2.4m, I find a ceiling light that hangs no more than 38cm from the ceiling works best. This is based on working with a number of new home builders in the UK. At this height there is enough space to either have a Flush Ceiling Light that sits very close to your ceiling, or a Semi-Flush Ceiling Light that has a small drop from the ceiling which can give a stronger visual impact.

Just because you have a Low Ceiling, doesn't mean you cannot have a fabulous Ceiling Light. If you have a low ceiling, remember you can still go big with a wider fitting to add drama and style. Some of our lights can be a 160cm width huge!!

In this section we’ve picked out favourite Lighting suitable for Low Ceilings, but please check that the drop is suitable for your room before making that final purchase. You need to think of your tallest friend or family member they may only need to hit their head once to remember not to do it again but its probably best that they didn't hit their head in the first place....

There is another consideration if you have a low ceiling and you are desperately looking for a longer light try considering what will be underneath the light, is the light going to hang over a coffee table, or, alongside a bedside so you will not need to worry about the drop. If the light is above the bed we can usually go for something a little longer than usual as you will not be directly walking underneath it. Finally I would look at design options within a room some will hang a stunning fixture at the corner of a room so again you do not need to worry about the drop.  

There are a number of fittings to choose from so get the tape measure out and see what your lowest drop can be, then narrow it down with the style, the metal finish and any other design favourites that you are looking for.