Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lamp for your Home

Did you know that table lamps make up 40% of the lighting sold today, that's huge! So many people love lamps, so many retailers sell lamps, they are everywhere. We stock lots of lamps but I can guarantee that you will not always like what we have on display because there are soooo many to choose from and it's such a personal and diverse choice, it's endless really thousands of designs some in fashion others are timeless, here are a few of my favourites:

I'll start in the hallway I feel every house needs a table in the hallway just to pop a lamp on to welcome you home at night, this one from Dad lighting is a great simple choice not too big, clear glass and an easy shade goes with anything.

The next lamp to me is very well used, people buy for a bedside table because it's heavy and sturdy, it's great in a lounge on a side table or a modern kitchen as the footprint is not too big, the glass is made by Voyage Manson and with handmade element it's really artistic and interesting.

The quirky choice I love something a little bit different, the parrot can be a great addition to a child's bedroom, a study or hallway, almost object d art. How about a statement lamp? Big bold and beautiful, this just says timeless to me, it would look beautiful anywhere and stunning in a modern setting just change the shade colour as you like, but not too often as the extra large silk shades are a tad indulgent!

A Tiffany lamp, mmh not everyone's cup of tea, when I started in lighting I hated them thought they were old fashioned pub lights, but over time I've come to appreciate the work involved in the creation of the best quality Tiffany lamps and how some colours are far more expensive than others, and how each cut can add to the expense of the lamp in the end. The designs can be truly beautiful with the best quality glass giving a lustre that no bit of crystal will achieve, maybe it's my age now but I'll be looking at getting one for the lounge in the future.


The liminia is a perfect example of an architectural lamp, useful in other words at creating an effect, place it on the floor near to the object you want to enhance, against a brick wall, below an oak beam, at the back of a spiked fern and let the pattern speak for itself, the effects that this lamp can achieve are magnificent. A tall lamp like this is my preferred choice for a bedside lamp, I love to read in bed and therefore the height allows the light to reach my book with a good clean sweep, for some it may interfere if others are trying to go to sleep and a more flexible light would be better but it's your choice at the end of the day.

Colour, give me colour, the beauty and interest that colour can achieve is wonderful, pattern is always another thing people look for, too many rooms are plain magnolia so that flash of pattern and colour brings the added depth to a room.

Metallics? Yes we have shades with a metallic lining, what a difference they can make, if you have a base with a touch of gold and add a gold lining to your lamp the warmth and added extra ambience that the metallic lining gives is well worth the extra expense, you can choose, gold silver no bronze as you require.

Whatever lamp you choose I know they will be different to my choices but that is to be expected we all like individual things.