What Lights Can You Use for Hard to Reach Places - Our Top LED Feature Lights

So many of us now love height and space in our homes, but with this comes the problem of lighting them, especially if you want to light them with a suspended light fitting, not everyone wants to hire scaffolding each year to erect and change the light bulbs, neither do people consider a winch before they fit the lights and often the expense of such a contraption is off putting.

The Wonder, a truly striking light with a 90 cm dameter, its modern and luxurious plus low power only 45 watts!

Behold our LED feature lights, they last a very long time and we are including a number of the ones that can be used in hard to reach areas like a double height entrance or a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen. Yes eventually you will need to change the fitting but with a good quality LED bulb this may take a number of years, buy this time you may very well change the light anyway.

In order The trombone, Livia and Galileo….


The extra option we are including here is the light that may possibly help an elderly relative or someone with disabilities who may find it very hard to change a bulb, these lights are again LED with the added benefits of the longevity if you are unable to help that person in your life on a daily basis these lights can be so helpful as one less thing to worry about. The thought and worry associated in climbing ladders to change bulbs or the strength and dexterity required to twist an existing bulb can be a real headache, so this is where the LED light fittings are a huge benefit to everyday life.

Peta Ceiling light IP Rated two sizes perfect for a bathroomVeto Led Flush light ideal for a lounge, bedroom or hallway.

So take a moment to consider the benefits of the LED light for hard to reach areas and you will find something to fit perfectly.