Tips on Garden Lighting & Creating Different Effects & Moods

Its that time of year again when the summer solstice has been and gone and the nights are starting to get a little darker bit by bit, you start to think about getting home in the dark, you don’t want to think about it but it will be here soon...

Do you know that when it's night time your windows act like great big mirrors reflecting yourself back at you, and making your room feel smaller? So to counteract this invasive feeling of enclosure do yourself a favour and put some lights on in the garden, your eye will then look out past the glass windows into the garden this gives you the feeling of space and seeing objects in the distance takes away the reflective obstruction of the mirror effect.

Have a look at your garden what are the features? An interesting brick wall, a cute flower pot or a spikey plant, maybe you have a palm tree with a fantastic trunk… The next bit is to light these features and after dark they will change character and give an interesting focus through the garden, you only need to do think in a few areas to give a great impact, less is more at night time.

Remember light pollution, you don’t need to floodlight your garden unless it is required for security and then it comes on at pre set times and for a few moments, even being able to control it from within the house can be less intrusive for your neighbours only have the flood lights on when you have to,

Look for hazards and danger points in the garden, you don’t want anyone falling down steps or into a garden pond, a bit of gentle lighting in these areas can enhance the garden at the same time as making it safe to roam around in it.

Using low energy lighting is a fairly economic way to go to light the garden, many LED fitting are also water resistant so its an added bonus when you want to underlight the seating area and make a gorgeous glow in the party zone!

Use spike lights to create effects with the lighting, the difference between up lighting and back lighting can change the look considerably a spike light allows you to play with the effect.

Always light your driveway and garden path area up to and including your front door, don’t forget the house sign too, have you ever driven past a place squinting and looking for the house number in the dark trying to get to the right place its not easy for people so help us out. If a guest cant get to your house easily it really doesn’t get the evening off to a great start does it? Then n leaving they wont be thanking you when they fall into the prized bed of roses that they did not know were there!

Lighting makes such an impact to your property from the road, I don’t think I would be too far off if I said it would make it more valuable and welcoming.

We have plenty of lights to help you create the right impression and for a multitude of purposes give us a call if you have a project in mind that you need a bit of help with 01792 414662.