Top 11 Lighting Ideas For A Bedroom - Tips from a Lighting Expert

1. Keep it soft, a bedroom is the place to relax and rest, therefore choose lights to reflect this, chose lamps with a shade to reduce glare.

 2. Place lights strategically, think about where the bed is and put a spotlight in the centre at the end of the bed, great way to highlight the gorgeous throw you have on it! At the headboard you can pop in two directional spotlights to cross light and highlight the headboard or area behind the headboard like a picture etc…

3. Floating bed? We've seen a few! Use LED ribbon light under the bed to create a floating effect looks great in a contemporary setting.


4. Hotel look? We love the trend of hanging pendants either side of the bed from either the ceiling or as a wall light, it's a great look and it can be very glamorous with crystal or sleek and stylish with a tall shade.

5. Are you a reader? Wall lights either side of the bed can be fantastic as reading lights there are a few options to choose from, double lights with shades and an adjustable LED or recessed with a pop out light. Don't forget the table lamp make sure they are the right size depending in the height of your bedside tables, we like to think that the light will shine down onto your book.


6. Layer the lighting, a bedroom usually has a few areas for different tasks, like dressing, makeup or reading so one central light will struggle think of the room as a whole and look at where you will need the light, put in power to the areas that you need light.

7. Never get the blues and blacks mixed up again, put some light inside your wardrobes, or outside, use recessed spots or surface mounted spotlights that you can angle to the right area, some wardrobe companies will sell you built in linear LED lighting on the curtain rails, all very stylish.

8. The dressing table always looks finished once you have a mirror above it and two table lamps balance either side it creates a gorgeous statement whatever the style.

9. The main ceiling light or lights always set the tone, if it's crystal for romance or painted to give a French country feel there are some amazing chandeliers out there, but if your ceiling is a bit lower look for a mirror plate ceiling light that will give an illusion of height by reflecting itself back in the mirror.


10. Back light the headboard with an led uplighter it creates a lovely wall wash up the and enhances anything above the headboard, by painting a section in another colour this too can create some interest.

11. Use recessed coving LED lighting around the room that gives a beautiful soft wash across the ceiling it enhances the room and immediately creates a warm ambiance. This can also be used as a down wash over the curtains which enhances the fabric.