Tips & Spooky Tricks to Light your home for Halloween this year!

Yep it’s here already the darker evenings, colder chillier nights, time to start up the fires, get the lamps on in the lounge, put the lights on the walkway to your property for visitors…

But yet there is an element for festive fun to be had the first in our winter calendar of events is a favourite time for many with a chance to have some fun, gather the fan club and create a monsterous affair! Halloween is fast approaching, lets dress up, lets make some amazing gross food creations, dress the house with creepy crawlies and landscape the gardens with disgusting body parts!

Safety, safety, safety, that’s the number one priority with Halloween and lighting we don’t want the house burnt down! Forget candles, go for LEDs there are so many options on the market that mimic candles and flames they are perfect to pop in a pumpkin head, or to create a spooky dynamic on a dressing table group lots of them together and make it an eerie atmosphere with ghosts and ghoals and cobwebs, makes me shiver thinking about it!

So when those unwhitting visitors arrive what do we want to do? Scare them of course! Start with the pathway to the front door, line it with candles and multi coloured led lights, in blood red dark gruesome green and a few shades of blue, cover the leds with coloured cloth and change the look easily to create the atmosphere you are looking for.  

Change to coloured bulbs if you have lighting in the garden already it will look amazing, highlight a few skulls and bones along the way and your neighbours will love you forever, purple and orange hues, lots of carved pumpkins look wonderful and all add to the effect.

Illuminated spiders and ghosts are all readily available to buy in every department store across the country, get creating your own ghosts with sheets and newspapers find creative blogs to enhance them with the tea lights.

There are plenty with timer functions to make the most of the darkness and movement sensors to light up when a person passes a scary spook.

Fairy lights can be a perfect way to wind them around and inside a group of jack o lanterns nestled in the garden or along a wall and steps, not too scary for the younger witches among us.

In the house you can buy coloured bulbs that are a low wattage to make a moody scary feel, with red and green bulbs hang the ghostly apperitions above the lamps and play some spooky music it all adds to the effect….

Fill you ceiling with strings of fairy lights, in greens or reds purples and oranges, dangle the cobwebs and the ghosts the effects are awesome!

For those with a larger spook budget get a projector light for the front of the house and cascade an array of colours until you find the most truly spooky look, get the Addams family coming for the night…