What's New In Lighting this month? Autumn 2018 Lighting Trends.

So we had an opportunity to see the new launch from Dar lighting and one thing that stood out was an addition of colour, that is coloured glass. There was an infusion of pearlised rainbow coated glass a bit like the reflection of a petrol spill if you’ve seen one, the colours are soft and rainbow like and all amalgamate into one but also stand out on their own, it’s a really interesting look and works so well with all colours in an interior design.

My favourites had to be the enormous single pendant Azia with the LED built into the top producing a wonderful clean amount of light into the glass and illuminating the glass colour but also giving a superb amount of light to the surface below, the glass was really large in comparison to many that have been launched by other companies this one has a great impact.





To go alongside this impact of colour Dar have obviously thought about texture because there is an abundant amount of it in these pieces, some look like cut diamonds aka Gaia whilst the Azia is like a raindrop. The Roisin is real favourite with the speckled texture that you just want to reach out and touch it adds an extra dimension to the light and to the glass which could otherwise be a rather boring thing.

If you have a hallway or a large ceiling space to make a statement the Cesaro has to be considered if you like colour, the glass baubles are perfectly smooth with the oiled coated effect and just glisten as you look at it all the colours that you can imagine. Very striking indeed.

Lets not forget the infusion of smokey grey Dar have added to their collection by expanding the Quinn range with table lamps, ceiling lights and single pendants the smoke grey glass has dimples galore to add to the texture of the glass and the fluid movement of the whole look of the fittings, tey are neutral so will fit in anywhere. The smoke Apulia pendant is also worth a look if you fancy a smoked glass it has a real warmth to it.

Add vintage bulbs to all of these pendants and you will get a very different look as demonstrated by the number of shops and coffee bars displaying the vintage bulbs we love the warmth and industrial mix, with the addition of these coloured pendants we can create a very unique look for modern living. A sleek kitchen or modern glass hallway would absorb these lights so seamlessly that they are just made to be admired. Well done Dar Lighting!