Bathroom Lights

The Light Company has a great array of bathroom light fittings all complying with UK regulations for bathrooms, please choose which zone you need and away you go!

We have recessed spotlights and gorgeous crystal bathroom lights all ready for installation. The Light Company can supply matching wall lights to complete the look in the bathroom, and we also have a great selection of bathroom mirrors and illuminated bathroom mirrors to chose from.

Our latest bathroom ceiling light has a built in speaker to play your favourite sounds it links directly to your music device, forever changing your morning wake up or kids splash time! Bathroom lighting can dramatically change the look of your space, sink in ground uplighter sin the shower to create focus on the amazing wall tiles, Dow lifts can do a similar job too. Recessed led ribbon lighting put into a recess in a shelf or alongside the bath gives an extra depth and dimensions to the space.

Make a feature of your mirror by running the led ribbon around the mirror to give a stunning shadow floating effect. Recess wall lights into the side of the bath to scoop the light along the floor and create a wonderful relaxed mood and atmosphere, there is so much to do! Send us your plans and we can help co ordinate the lighting into the design.

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