Conservatory & Sunroom Interiors

The Orangery, sun room, conservatory, garden room whatever you like to call it there is lighting for this room. If you have a sky light you may or may not have a light hanging in the middle, if you do there may be a weight restriction – do check that out.

Recessed lighting by the way of directional spotlights, down lights make the ceiling feel lower, table lamps to give warmth and relaxation, floor lamps to create more height. Wall lights that can give off plenty of light or dim for added felixbility. You may like the pretty flower lights to bring the garden in.

Iron metalwork lights give that classic feel in a garden room. Look at the David Hunt Lighting there is a wealth of lights with a decorative twist that fits right in. You can be more elaborate in these rooms with a touch of artistry. Most of our customers will have three or four table lamps dotted around the room, some have them on one central wall switch as you come in.

Don’t forget the brilliant ceiling fan, this is always a must in a conservatory, they can be highly decorative and very simple and modern too, on a remote control with or without lights, get what you need.

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