Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are a great feature in a room, the best ones do need a little bit of floor space in our opinion, as they are like a piece of furniture, but if your tight on space and looking for a space saving option then we have those available too. With a floor lamp you need to think if you'd like to see the base and the colours of the lamp, Some of them can be plain and simple yet others are a lovely feature with crystal and ornamental mental work.

Our site has an amazing selection of floor lamps, reading lamps, task lamps, not a problem we have a choice of metalwork finishes to suit most room decor and differing amounts of light to help you get the most from the light.

How about background lighting whilst watching the TV or entertaining a classic is the uplighter now recreated in the more modern LED version it's a great addition with a dimmer switch to help adjust the lighting levels to give you the atmosphere you need. Start to layer the lighting in your living space using these amazing floor lamps, you'll never be without one!

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