Well this could take all day! So let's start with the obvious, you need a light to see your way to the door, you need a light to make steps safe for yourself and visitors, what you choose is up to you and how you light them can be in many variations. The Light Company has an endless supply of outdoor lighting, many with free delivery. We are near the coast so many of our lights have a coastal guarantee to be designed to provide longevity in these areas near the sea.

Garden outdoor room designs are growing in fashion people love the outdoors and you may want to recreate the look seen on TV or Pinterest let us see what you want to do and we can help you get the right light.

Post lights look great at an entrance, you can match them up with bollard lights and wall lights to keep the kerb appeal looking good. Recessed lighting is amazing in patio areas and the seating can look like its floating, very Chelsea Garden Design!

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