Study Interiors

The study, a dumping ground to hide stuff or an organised mess as the husband would say! Maybe it’s a very well organised home office that works in total precision whatever you have you need a light for your study and not just one! Yu cant work with only one light, get a tasks light for the computer or writing area. You need a ceiling light that gives adequate lighting for those dark winter evenings when you really want to go to bed but have a shedload of work to do!

The ceiling light could be adjustable or designed to give a boardroom look, they can be simple pendants to make the room minimal or a leather look for a gentlemans dens, whatever the look we do have something to fit.

Floor lamps are great if you need something to move around to the filing cabinet or a comfy chair to read put on a long cable if your short of wall sockets. Choose one or occassional table they are great to fit in small spaces if you need to pop a lamp on one.

Lets not forget the adjustable table lamp a great warhorse of a light, the adjustable lamp helps with anything, full scale drawing and artwork, sewing, move it and leave it where it needs to be, that’s the secret!

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