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Voyage Maison have an impressive selection of furniture to suit a wide variety of purposes, we use their items t create interest and glamour or quiet and calming aspects in so many places, the home the office, restaurants, bars and show homes.

Voyage have a wonderful selection of fabrics that can be used to create individual designs perfect for you, all furniture is made to order and takes approx. 8 weeks for larger items. With such a wealth of choice we have put together some of the most popular ideas and creations that are available to order straightaway otherwise we can help you build the perfect item to your specification if you know the fabrics required we can quote you for original sofas, headboards, chairs, footstools & more.

Dining furniture and occasional seating are also highly popular these items they are also made to order and delivery times will be confirmed by the manufacturer. Please choose from the wood finishes that compliment your scheme. Measure sizes carefully so there are no surprises on delivery!

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