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We love wall lights they are simply the best lights around, they make your ceiling look higher, at the same time of creating a cosy atmosphere. Check out the best of the decorative wall lights that we have on sale, these wall lights are like art they can be very eye catching and theatrical, they create a mood in. Room and can be very much a feature in themselves if they are the only lights in a room.

Put them on dimmers, and don't forget to check if you need them with a switch, we can always upgrade the bulbs to give you the most amount of light from the fitting so don't be too worried about the max wattage as many LEDS will give plenty of light for a tiny amount of the power consumption.

Wall lights can be great for reading we have some super deals on wall lights for bedrooms with adjustable secondary lights for reading. Some wall lights we sell as base only giving you the flexibility to but shades that suit your room scheme. Please check the sizing on our wall lights before ordering as some are very large and some are very small.

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